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Protecting God’s Children

The Diocese of Reno is committed to the safety of our children and vulnerable adults.  We have in place policies and protocols for all staff, lay and clergy, and all volunteers that require training and/or background checks.  We are in full compliance with the Dallas Charter and remain diligent in maintaining this compliance.

Through the “Protecting God’s Children” program we train all adults who are employed or wish to volunteer within our parishes and agencies who have access to children.  To find out more and to register for the “Protecting God’s Children” training, click on the RED BOX below.

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Bishop Calvo announces the following priest assignment changes  (effective July 1, 2019)

    • Fr. Justin Lazar as Pastor St. Robert Bellarmine
    • Fr. Paul McCollum as Pastor of St. Anne’s
    • Fr. Tom Nelson as Chaplain at BMCHS, assisting weekends at St. Francis of Assisi
    • Fr. Joseph Infante as Chaplain at Renown Medical and Veterans Hospital, assisting weekends at St. Therese of the Little Flower
    • Fr. Arlon Vergara as celebrant of the Extraordinary Form at Holy Spirit Mission and parochial vicar at St. Therese of the Little Flower
    • Eduardo Gutierrez as parochial Vicar at St. Teresa of Avila
    • Patrick Klekas as parochial Vicar of St. Albert the Great
    • Fr. Beda Martirez as parochial Vicar of Immaculate Conception
    • Fr. Tom Fransiscus will return to St. Louis, Mo to be with his Community
    • Fr. Richard Kayizzi will be returning to his home diocese in Uganda
    • Fr. Hermes Binlayo will take a leave of absence

Clergy and Religious Credibly Accused

Most Reverend Randolph Calvo, Bishop of the Diocese of Reno, released the names of priests and religious credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors. The list includes names of priests and religious who served in the 12 counties that currently comprise the Diocese of Reno: Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lyon, Mineral, Pershing, Storey, and Washoe.

Determination of credibility was based on corroborating evidence, criminal prosecution or admission of guilt by the accused. The list includes:

1.       Diocesan priests who formally belonged to (incardinated in) the Diocese of Reno who were credibly accused of committing sexual abuse of a minor.

2.       Diocesan priests incardinated in another diocese who worked on a temporary basis in the Diocese of Reno who were credibly accused of committing sexual abuse of a minor in the Diocese of Reno.

3.       Religious order priests who worked in the Diocese of Reno who were credibly accused of committing sexual abuse of a minor in the Diocese of Reno.

4.       A diocesan priest who was ordained for service in another diocese and then transferred to and was incardinated in the Diocese of Reno who was credibly accused of committing sexual abuse of a minor in his prior diocese of incardination. This accusation came many years after his incardination in the Diocese of Reno and shortly before his death.

Victims who have been sexually abused by clergy, church employee or volunteer should contact civil authorities and/or the appropriate Victim's Assistance Coordinator or the Diocesan Office of Safe Environment. Victim’s Assistance Coordinators are:

  • Eastern Nevada:    Marilyn Janka     775-753-9542
  • Western Nevada:   David Caloiaro   775-450-3618
  • Diocesan Victim’s Assistance Hotline:  1-844-669-8911


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