May 2021 Good News


In light of Church documents, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Reno, in partnership with parents, are committed to fostering gospel values, academic excellence and life-long service in a faith-centered community.

As the 20-21 school year comes to an end, I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire Diocese of Reno
Catholic School community. Last fall, when the re-opening campus committee made the decision to plan for
on-campus learning, we understood that this decision would have a significant impact on school pastors,
leadership, faculty and staff. Looking back over the year, I believe that our success is the result of everyone’s concerted effort … an effort well-worth making for those we serve in our ministry!

This effort involved resilience, resourcefulness and commitment to the mission of Catholic education. We
persevered by communicating regularly with health authorities and modifying our plans as state and county
requirements changed. At all times, we prioritized the safety of those who were in our schools in keeping
with our value of respecting life. All of this took time, resources, compassion, and cooperation from our families, and above all, grace.

Our Bishop remains committed to the education of our Catholic school students as well as the health and
safety of all those involved in our school system.

We thank all of you who supported us through our challenges this year, especially the parents who trusted us
to make the hard decisions necessary to continue to deliver a quality, faith-based education while ensuring
the health and safety of all. We value school choice and the ability for parents to choose the educational environment that best meets the needs of their students. Never has the importance of this choice been more
critical than this past year.

The opening of schools throughout the nation continues to cause great angst for families and our country.
The true cost of COVID-19 for students has yet to be determined. As adults, we can look at COVID-19 with
logic and rationale, but even that is challenging after such a long time: our emotions are frazzled. Developmentally, our students are at vastly different ages and stages, and their ability to put all of this in perspective
is even more perplexing.

Here, in the Diocese of Reno, we are grateful for the commitment of all our leaders who worked day and
night planning, revising and planning again as situations changed. The decisions made were often cumbersome and difficult, and sometimes they were unpopular as well. Through it all, we ensured our priorities remained consistent: safety for all; quality education for students — whether virtual, on-campus or hybrid.

As a Catholic community, we pray for an end to COVID-19 and a return to normalcy. We must consistently
strive to remember, and remind others, that God gives us hope and promise. He will intercede when we feel
frustrated and fatigued and He is our constant source of strength and support.
God bless you and your family this summer!

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