Bienvenido al obispo Mueggenborg por el obispo Randolph R. Calvo

Elevando mi corazón en agradecimiento a Dios de quien emanan todas las bendiciones, con gran gozo les informo que el Papa Francisco ha nombrado al Obispo Daniel Mueggenborg como el octavo obispo de Reno. Asimismo, agradezco al Santo Padre por haber aceptado mi solicitud para retirarme de mis responsabilidades como obispo diocesano por razones de salud. El Espíritu Santo renueva … Read More

Welcome to Bishop Mueggenborg by Bishop Randolph R. Calvo

Lifting my heart in thanks to God from whom all blessings flow, it is my joy to announce that Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg as the eighth Bishop of Reno.  I am also grateful to the Holy Father for his acceptance of my request to retire from my responsibilities as diocesan bishop for reasons of health. The Holy … Read More

Vatican Appoints The Most Reverend Daniel Mueggenborg the New Bishop of Reno

RENO — Pope Francis has named Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg as the eighth Bishop of Reno after having accepted Bishop Randolph R. Calvo’s request for retirement. Bishop Mueggenborg currently serves as Auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of Seattle. He will be introduced to the priests and religious of the diocese on July 20 at St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral. The presentation will … Read More

Nevada Assisted Suicide Bills – Memo from Bishop Calvo

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,  There are two bills in the Nevada Legislature which would make doctor prescribed suicide legal in our state. Although there are differences in SB 105 and AB 351 each provides that if a patient has been diagnosed with a medical condition which may be terminal within six months, the treating physician is required to … Read More

Bishop Calvo on the Moral Acceptability of the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

There has been some confusion on whether it is morally acceptable to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  To be clear, the answer to this question is yes. Let me cite a statement from Bishop Kevin Rhoades, chairman of the USCCB Doctrine Committee, broadcast on video: “The Vatican has made it clear that all the Covid vaccines, recognized as safe … Read More