2nd Synod of the Diocese of Reno

What is it?

A synod is the formal gathering of the Church convened to discern, discuss, and plan.  The Vatican holds Synods every few years.

Dioceses also hold synods.  The very first Diocesan Synod in Reno took place in the 1950’s.

Bishop Randolph Calvo, in 2013, discerned it was time for another.   The Presbyteral Council agreed. 

 Therefore a three year process commenced with a team of Lay and Clergy going out and seeking input from Catholics from within our diocese.  Then a process of delegate selection took place throughout 2015.

Synod Delegates gathered in December of 2015 to discuss matters brought forth from the parishes.  Over three long days of prayer, discussion and discernment, objectives were voted on and submitted to the Bishop.

Then on Pentecost Sunday, May of 2016, those objectives were formally presented to and accepted by Bishop Calvo.

Diocesan Pastoral Council

This council was formed by Bishop Calvo and follows the Second Synod of the Diocese of Reno.  It has the responsibility for oversight of the implementation of the directives and objectives of the Second Synod.

This council meets almost every month to plan and how the implementation can proceed.  Sixteen members are appointed from Parish Councils.  There are three delegates from each deanery and four appointed from at large.  Two priests are elected by the Priest Council.    There will also be two ex-officio members, the Vicar General and the Moderator of the Curia.  
Therefore the total membership will be twenty one.  Click the button below for the membership of the DPC

Original Members
Original Members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council

Documents for the DPC

The tasks of the council are to:
  • prioritize the Synod directives
  • identify who will be responsible for implementation of each of the directives
  • identify resources needed
  • gather and assess ideas for a directive from the synod working group papers and other sources
  • provide the means for communication between those responsible and the pastoral council
  • develop an instrument for reporting to the pastoral council and the bishop the implementation of a directive
  • establish a timeline for the directives and for review of the implementation of the outcomes
  • discuss ways to assist parishes and deaneries in the implementation