Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Reno

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The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Reno invite students, parents, and educators to join us in the mission of Catholic School education.  We have four Catholic elementary schools – St. Teresa of Avila School, Carson City; St. Albert the Great School, Reno; Our Lady of the Snows School, Reno; and Little Flower School, Reno. Bishop Manogue Catholic High School is located in Reno. We have three preschools – Holy Child Early Learning Center, St. Teresa of Avila Preschool, and St. Albert the Great Child Development Center.  We are proud of our heritage. We have provided a quality Catholic academic education to the children and youth in our diocese for generations.  

Why should parents choose a Catholic education for their children?
Catholic elementary and high schools offer:  

  • Catholic tradition and academic excellence
  • A balanced curriculum including art and music
  • Learning with a moral purpose
  • Educating students to serve others and develop leadership
  • A 99% graduation rate
  • Strong preparation for further education
  • A safe and disciplined environment
  • Exceptional faculty who help students reach their highest potential
  • Good stewardship of resources

To find out more about our schools, please take some time to review this website. Each school is unique and offers students an environment which is grounded in Catholic values and traditions offering a high quality educational program. Our students, teachers, pastors, parents and administrators invite you to visit our campuses and meet us in person.  For more information, please contact the school principal at any school within the diocese

Mrs. Karen Barreras
Catholic Schools
Diocese of Reno

Mission of Catholic Schools

Catholic schools strive to relate all human culture to the news of salvation so that the light of faith will illumine the knowledge which students gradually gain of the world, of life, and of humankind.”

(Vatican II, Document on Education, 8)

The educational mission of the Church is an integrated ministry embracing three interlocking dimensions: message, community, and service. Catholic schools afford the fullest and best opportunity to realize this threefold purpose of education among children and young people.”

(NCCB, To Teach as Jesus Did, 101)

Mission Statement

In light of Church documents, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Reno, in partnership with parents, are committed to fostering gospel values, academic excellence and life-long service in a faith-centered community.

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  • Catholic schools strive to educate the whole person by promoting the spiritual, moral, physical, and intellectual development of each student in an environment centered on Catholic values.
  • Catholic schools help students develop a loving relationship with God, promote spiritual growth, and provide knowledge about and opportunities to practice the Catholic faith.
  • Catholic schools challenge the unique individual abilities of each student in such a manner as to enhance self-worth, self-discipline, responsibility, and to attain academic excellence.
  • Catholic schools seek to motivate students to live as part of a faith community which works to serve the needs of society; to foster love of life, love of family and love of country.
  • Catholic schools seek to enable students to embrace the plurality of cultures and beliefs and to respect and reverence this plurality as a wonder of God
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All schools in the Diocese of Reno are accredited through the Western Catholic Education Association.  Schools have the option of also being accredited through Northwest/AdvanceEd.  Schools participate in a rigorous self-study process involving the entire school community.  In addition, there is a multi-day visit from an accreditation team comprised of professionals from both our local and outside Catholic school communities.  Protocols are varied between elementary and secondary schools but many areas are consistent, such as:

  • Assessment of the school’s Catholic identity
  • Defining the school’s purpose
  • Organization for student searning to support high achievement of all students
  • Data analysis and action to support high achievement of all students
  • Schoolwide learning expectations and standards-based curriculum to support high achievement of all students
  • Instructional methodology to support high achievement of all students
  • Support for student spiritual, personal, and academic growth
  • Resource management and development to support high achievement of all students
St. Teresa of Avila’s preschool is the only WCEA accredited preschool in the state of Nevada.

Catholic Youth Organization


Students in grades 5 – 12 are all encouraged to participate in the basketball, volleyball and other athletic programs offered through Catholic Youth Organization or CYO. The athletic competition gives each participant an opportunity to grow in character, ability and community while honoring oneself, as well as one’s family, teammates, officials and our church.

To sustain this focus, CYO endeavors to help young people be more Christ-like in the way they live. This occurs when the young person – not the athletic activity, is the main focus of what we do. Each participant, parent, coach, official and volunteer all work together to bring our Gospel vision and values to life in every aspect of CYO programs.

To learn more about CYO in the Diocese of Reno, please contact Karen Barreras, Superintendent of Catholic Schools at 775-326-9430.

Bishop Manogue Catholic High School recognizes and supports the positive impact of athletic participation for youth, focusing not only on skills, but also character.  Bishop Manogue Catholic High School offers a wide array of sports for boys and girls.  For a complete description visit the Bishop Mangoue Catholic High School website.

Mission and Value

Catholic schools have a rich history of providing students with the education needed to succeed academically, make ethical moral judgments, and become responsible citizens. Catholic schools achieve this success at a fraction of the cost of public education, graduating 99% of their students and sending virtually every one of them on to college.  Despite this success, Catholic schools in America are struggling – not because of a lack of interest, but due to an inability to pay the tuition.

The Diocese of Reno Scholarship Fund is one solution to this challenge. Your donation today can open the door of a Catholic education to those families most in need of assistance.

Donations to this fund will enable students who might otherwise be unable to attend a Catholic school to access Catholic education. Catholic schools were established to provide an education grounded in our Catholic principles and values, not to be the exclusive privilege of a few. Your assistance will ensure that Catholic schools are available and accessible to families wishing to provide this faith-based education for their children.