Ethnic Ministry

Cultural Diversity

Mission Statment

Maripaz Ramos Director of Ethnic Ministry
The Office of Ethnic Ministry, essential to the Ministry of the Bishop of Reno, seeks to provide a diocesan connection for the needs of the diverse cultures within the Diocese. It seeks to promote and support pastoral ministers to the parishes, serve as a resource in initiating, providing and developing ministry to and with Hispanics, Filipinos, American Samoans, and other ethnic communities.  Here we collaborate with the Faith Formation and Parish Pastoral Services Offices to provide support for these offices in their ministry to the ethnic communities in the Diocese.

Hispanic Ministry


Filipino Ministry

Filipino Catholics form a vibrant part of our diocese and strongly support the work in our parishes. Each year in a special way the Filipino community celebrate Simbang Gabi, Santo Nino, St. Pedro Calunsgod, and San Lorenzo Ruiz. These celebrations are organized through the Filipino Diocesan Council of Reno (FDCR).

Events And FDCR Constitution And Bylaws

Tongan Ministry

The Tongan Community gathers at Immaculate Conception Parish. 
Several times a year a special Tongan Mass is celebrated. 
The Tongan Council of Northern California and Norther Nevada gather at the Diocese of Reno for faith sharing and fellowship.  This gathering is called Misa Kasilio. The National Chaplain comes to facilitate Adult Faith Formation, to provide the sacrament of Reconciliation, and to celebrate mass in the Tongan language. This is a celebration that enriches and uplifts the faith of our Tongan Community so they can continue to serve. 

Korean Ministry

Due to Coronavirus concerns, the Korean Community will not meet until further notice.
If you have any questions or c0ncerns contact:
Maripaz Ramos, Ethnic Ministry Director
(775) 326-9423
or to speak to a priest in Korean contact:
Rev. Arlon Vergara, OSA

For more information:

Maripaz Ramos- Director
Call: (775) 326-9423

Suzanna Corral- Administrative Assistant
Call: (775) 326-9415

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