What is the Permanent Diaconate?

The diaconate is a distinct permanent Order with a distinct academic/formation path.   A life­time commitment to serving God’s People, a mission of service to  Liturgy, Word, and Charity.
A Deacon is a man who is called to a ministry of service. With priests and the Bishop, he receives the sacrament of Holy Orders. He is an ordained clergyman living in the lifestyle of the laity. Pope John Paul II said that, “the deacon is the Church’s service sacramentalized."

The ministry of justice and charity is integral to the deacon’s service in the Church’s ministry of Word and Liturgy. Pope John Paul II said: “This is at the very heart of the Diaconate to which you have been called: to be servant of the mysteries of Christ and, at the same time, to be servant of your brothers and sisters…”

Formation Program

· Be at least 35 years of age by ordination but not older than 70 . 
· Be a practicing Roman Catholic for five consecutive years or more. 
· Have lived within the Diocese of Reno for five consecutive years or more. 
· Demonstrate leadership ability within parish and/or community organizations. 
· Good physical and mental health. 
· Sufficient financial stability. 
· For married men, have been married at least five years and have the positive consent of his wife and acceptance of his children. 
· Be sensitive to the time and needs of a well-adjusted family life. 
· Have sufficient time for formation and ministry. 
· Possess the desire and capacity for growth and continued education and for developing skills for ministry. 
· Possess an eagerness for prayer and acceptance of spiritual formation 
· Be faithful to the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 
· Be open to the awareness of contemporary expressions in theology. 
· Be willing to make a commitment of talent and time. 
· Possess reading and writing skills (English) in order to participate fully in the academic program. 
· Possess a working knowledge of Spanish/be willing to learn Spanish 
· Have fingerprint clearance. 
· Participate in the “Protecting God’s Children” program. 
· Working knowledge of Spanish/be willing to learn Spanish. 
· Complete a psychological test and interview. 


For More information, contact the Director of the Diaconate Formation Program, Deacon Joseph Bell @ josephb@catholicreno.org or call him at 775-372-9786.

Diaconate Formation in the Diocese of Reno is a four year program in which men who feel called to the diaconate discern that call and, through fellowship, prayer, study of liturgy, theology, scripture, and practical service in their communities are formed to become servant leaders for the Diocese.

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