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What is Project Rachel?

Project Rachel is a post-abortion healing ministry, a nonjudgmental and confidential Catholic outreach to women and men of all religions who have experienced the trauma of abortion.  Anyone who has emotional, mental, and spiritual pain can find truth and healing.  Project Rachel is named after the Old Testament figure Rachel, who weeps inconsolably for her children “who are no more” until God came to her, offering hope for her future (Jeremiah 31:15-17).  God is all loving, forgiving, and merciful, and in His name the Church reaches out to you with compassion and hope.


Is Project Rachel for you?

Project Rachel is for anyone affected by abortion:

  • Women who have had an abortion
  • Men whose significant others have had abortions
  • Parents, children, siblings, other family members and friends of those who have had an abortion
  • Anyone who has encouraged or helped someone else obtain an abortion
  • Anyone who has worked in the abortion industry

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Guilt, shame, sadness, grief, sense of loss, remorse
  • Anger, rage, depression, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts
  • Alcohol abuse, substance abuse, addictions
  • Anxiety, eating disorders, trouble sleeping or nightmares
  • Broken relationships, inability to bond with children
  • Fear of punishment from God

What does project Rachel offer?

 Licensed professional therapists—Receive a referral to someone who is specially trained and sensitive to the needs of those hurting from a past abortion

Referrals to Priests—Spiritual guidance sensitive to your particular needs and preparation to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend Retreats—Take time away to seek peace and healing at a confidential retreat led by a Project Rachel team (some retreats are for both women and men).

Awareness program, prayer service, and Mass of Hope and Healing for anyone touched by the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, early infant death, or abortion—Future dates to be determined

How do you contact us? 

Call the Project Rachel nonjudgmental and confidential help line.  All calls are returned within 24 hours by a trained Project Rachel staff member who talks with the caller about their experience to discern and offer the options available to begin the healing process.

775-324-4325  or email 

Bulletin Announcements-February & January 2021 

The month of February, we pray for all marriages which have been negatively impacted by the scars of an abortion.  May these couples reach out for help so they can experience the willingness of God to walk with them through this challenging time, His immeasurable love, and His mercy.  Please find out more about us at  Click on Our Works, scroll down, click on Project Rachel.  Contact our confidential, nonjudgmental helpline at 775-324-4325 or email to take advantage of valuable resources.

During the month of January, we pray for all mothers who are seeking abortions and those who support the decision.  May they have a change of heart and decide to choose life and reach out to the crisis pregnancy resources available.  Our God is all loving, merciful, and willing to walk with them through this challenging time.  The Project Rachel ministry can refer mothers to these resources, in addition to post-abortion resources.  Find out more about us at  Click on Our Works, scroll down, click on Project Rachel.  Contact our confidential, nonjudgmental helpline at 775-324-4325 or email to take advantage of valuable resources.


General Announcements

--*New schedule--Starting in January 2021, once a month on Sundays, I am available to give a 2-3 minute informational talk at the end of Mass about Project Rachel.  During October Respect Life Month, I will be available all Sundays.  I will not be available the month of December.  The educational component of Project Rachel is of utmost importance.  I have the Peace Starts Here and How to Talk to a Friend Who’s Had an Abortion pamphlets/brochures available and also a Prayer for Healing card.  Please check with your pastor to find out if he is open to having me do a presentation at your parish.  If so, contact me by email or call the Project Rachel Ministry help line 775-324-4325.

--*New—Starting in March 2021, I am available to lead The Rachel Rosary to pray for healing of victims of post-abortion syndrome and those who have been involved in abortions in any way.  The Rachel Rosary is comprised of the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries and the Glorious Mystery of the Resurrection with a scripture passage for each mystery and an intercessory prayer for each Our Father and Hail Mary.  Perfect for small groups, ministries, or the parish.  It is beautiful, heartbreaking, and takes about 45 minutes to pray.  Contact me or call the Project Rachel Ministry help line  775-324-4325.

Do you know the difference between the Project Rachel Ministry and Rachel’s Vineyard?  I am available to present 20-25 minute informational talks during women’s, men’s, or combined ministry/group meetings.  Email or call 775-324-4325, the Project Rachel Ministry help line.

Do you know a practicing Catholic licensed mental health professional or are you a licensed mental health professional?  The Project Rachel Ministry is looking for a few good men and women to join our referral core team.  If you are interested, contact our confidential, nonjudgmental help line 775-324-4325 or email

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