We are excited to announce our line up for the 2022 Diocesan High School Youth Rally & Middle School CatholicFEST!



                          MARI PABLO


Is a proud Hispanic and cradle Catholic whose life was wrecked in the best possible way when she finally decided to stop fighting and surrender it all to him.

Her mission is simple, to encourage others to refuse to settle for the things of this world, but rather strive for more, to strive for Him. She wants to be his instrument and help unite hearts to the Heart that heals, restores and ultimately beats out of love for us.

Mari has traveled across the continental United State, and Latin America speaking to young people about the heart of Christ and the beauty of the Catholic faith.

Check Mari Pablo out on Ascension Presents here!



             Justin Yglesias

Is a Worship Leader and the UCatholic Associate Campus Minister at St. Augustine Church and Catholic Student Center at the University of Miami. He has given talks, been a keynote speaker, led both middle and high school retreats and rallies, adult formation experiences, and is an experienced worship leader. He is up and coming on the national level and has worked closely with Mari Pablo in her ministry. He desires to teach the world to worship!