To report a bishop of sexual misconduct or of intentionally interfering in an abuse investigation, call or go online. Civil authorities will be informed if a crime may have been committed. Otherwise, reports are confidential.

Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service
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Complaints about bishops not INVOLVING sexual abuse
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Protecting God's Children- Safe Environment

The Diocese of Reno is committed to the safety of our children and vulnerable adults.

We are in full compliance with the Dallas Charter and remain diligent in maintaining this compliance.

Through the "Protecting God's Children" program we train all adults who are employed as well as those who volunteer within our parishes and agencies who have contact with children.  This training helps all to be more aware of how to protect children and vulnerable adults, and also the possible warning signs of abuse and neglect.

As well, each year all children within our Religious Education programs and within our schools are provided the opportunity to participate in Personal Safety.

Together, all of us working together, can help to create safe environments in our parish, schools, facilities and even beyond.


Protecting God's children Virtus training

If you suspect a child or vulnerable adult has been harmed by a Church employee or volunteer--

first: report the incident to the local law enforcement in the County in which the incident occurred.  

Then: please call the Victim's Assistance Coordinator:   Marilyn Janka         775-753-9542

Diocesan Victim Assistance Office:  1-844-669-8911 
Please provide a phone number so that a return call can be made by the Victim's Assistance Coordinator. If you suspect any child or vulnerable adult has been harmed in any situation by any person, please contact the local civil authorities immediately.  Let them judge the situation.

It is the Policy of the Diocese of Reno that all paid personnel of the Diocese and all Volunteers who have any contact with minors in the performance of their duties must:

1.  Submit to a background check 


2. Complete the Virtus Protecting God’s Children training program.  

After completion of the Awareness Session you are required to read 24 monthly bulletins and complete a Re-certification Review.  School employees are required to read bulletins for the duration of their employment. 

Virtus Registration:  To Register for a Training Session Click on the preferred language.

Registracion en Virtus:  Para registrarse en una  sesion de entrenamiento, haga clic en el idioma preferido.

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For upcoming Awareness Sessions in Protecting God's Children for Adults, please scroll down to the calendar section to view dates, times and locations.  If you do not have access to the internet, you may call Elda at 775-326-9445.

Upcoming Training and Awareness Sessions

Current Training Scheduled:

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Protecting God's Children for Adults




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05/28/2022 12:00 PM

St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral (Reno)




06/01/2022 5:00 PM

Pastoral Center (Reno)

Karen Barreras



07/30/2022 12:00 PM

St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral (Reno)




08/27/2022 12:00 PM

St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral (Reno)




10/29/2022 12:00 PM

St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral (Reno)




Diocese of Reno Review Board for the Protection of Children & Young People

The Purpose of the Review Board is to Advise and Counsel the Bishop on matters that involvement allegations of abuse of minors and vulnerable adults.  The Board meets normally twice per year to review Diocesan Policy and Compliance to the Dallas Charter, then will meet when called if an allegation has been made.


Whereas the Grand Jury Report investigating clergy sex abuse of minors in six dioceses in Pennsylvania has been released and concludes that clergy had been credibly accused of sexually abusing child victims, and that church authorities mishandled those incidents; and,

Whereas this report is painful for all to read and describes the terrible devastation of sexual abuse by church ministers; and,

Whereas the Bishop of Reno is impelled to review our commitment as a diocese to safeguard all minors and vulnerable adults; and,

Whereas the Diocese of Reno has in place protocols and procedures for reporting abuse to law enforcement, including background checks for any adults working or volunteering with youth, ongoing training in awareness and prevention of abuse for adults and children, and policies to ensure appropriate interactions with youth and adults in all programs; and,

Whereas the Bishop of Reno has asked the Diocesan Review Board to conduct a full review of all protocols, practices and policies of the Diocese to determine how effectively the current protocols, practices, and policies are being implemented and followed, to ensure and improve the Diocesan commitment to children and vulnerable adults; and,

Whereas, the Diocesan Review Board has been asked by the Bishop to review the mechanisms of accountability for anyone who holds a position of authority and responsibility within the Diocese of Reno.

Therefore it is resolved by the Diocesan Review Board, by unanimous vote at its Board Meeting on August 29, 2018, to conduct a full review as requested by the Bishop.  This review will commence immediately, and a written and published report will be made when the Board completes the review.

Rota Rosaschi, Chair

Diocesan Review Board of Reno


Letter From Bishop Mueggenborg regarding Protecting God's Children training            English           Español

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Diocese of Reno Procedure        English           Español

Policy on Sexual Misconduct        English        Español

Legal Obligations under Nevada Law when it is believed a child has been abused or neglected        English           Español

Legal Obligations under Nevada Law when it is believed an elderly person or vulnerable adult has been abused or neglected        English           Español

Protecting God's Children Quick Reference Guide        English         Español

Registration Instructions        English           Español

EMPLOYEES:    Employee Background Check  The Diocese of Reno is making every effort to protect your personal information.  If you prefer not to submit the background check online, you can contact


Adult Volunteer Application:   English Español

Volunteer Background Check Request    English  Español The Diocese of Reno is making every effort to protect your personal information.  If you prefer not to submit the background check online, you can contact