Catholic Biblical School

Textbooks for Year Two, 2019-2020


The Catholic Biblical School Program

New Testament Foundations Jesus and Discipleship

(Year Two Student Workbook)

Paulist Press, 2008

ISBN 978-0809-1958-62 or ISBN 0-8091-9586-0


An Introduction to the New Testament for Catholics

Joseph F. Kelly

Liturgical Press, 2006

ISBN 978-0-8146-5216 or ISBN 0814652166


Synopsis of the Four Gospels (English Edition)

Kurt Aland (ed.)

United Bible Societies, 2010

ISBN 1585169420 or ISBN 978-1585169429


The Gospel and Epistles of John

Raymond Brown

Liturgical Press, 1988

ISBN 0814612830 or ISBN 978-0814612835


Revelation and the End of All Things

Craig R. Koester

William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2001

ISBN 0802846602 or ISBN 978-0802846600

Oxford Bible Atlas, Fourth Edition, published by Oxford University Press, edited by Adrian Curtis (ISBN 9-780199-56046-2)


Dictionary of the Bible, David Noel Freedman (editor), William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (ISBN 0-8028-2400-5)




How to Purchase the books:


Use either the University of Dallas bookstore or Paulist Press itself. The Year Two student workbook at both the university bookstore and Paulist Press is $16.95.


The university bookstore address is:

1. On this page, click ENTER COURSES (blue box)

2. Click Select Term and then click Fall 2019

3. Click Select Department and click Catholic Biblical School

    Click Select Section and click Two

4. Click Find Materials for 1 Course(s) (blue box)

5. Scroll down and locate the Student Workbook

6. Click the Buy box

7. Scroll down to bottom of page and click Add Item to Bag

8. From this point just continue as you would normally for any online purchase


The Paulist Press website is:

1. Click Bible on the vertical menu on left-hand side of opening page

2. Click Catholic Biblical School program

3. Scroll down and locate and select the Year Two Student Workbook (please be sure to select the Student Workbook and NOT the Teacher Guidebook)

4. From this point just continue as you would normally for any online purchase